14 Interesting Lingerie Facts You Didn’t Know

Lingerie is a part of our everyday life. We open the drawer every day and just hope that there is something clean, pretty, sexy as well as comfy to put on. It is a daily essential but it has come a long way. Do you know how it has evolved over the years? Here are some fun facts that you may not have known about lingerie.

1. In French, the word ‘lingerie' applies to men's and women's undergarments.

2. In the early 1900s, a ‘monobosom' was a popular look for women. Their breasts were hoisted and supported in such a way, to appear as though they had one large bosom.

3. Women in the UK wear the largest bra sizes. Women in Japan have the smallest bra size, on an average. The average bra size in India is 34C.

4. Corsets were often made with whalebone. In the 1800s, the baleen whale was crucial to corset-making.

5. Italian women often wear red underwear on New Year's Eve, for good luck.

6. Women who wear G-string underwear are said to be more sexually creative, confident and liberated. Women who wear simple white lingerie are considered to be low maintenance.

7. International lingerie brand, Triumph, was the first brand in the world to make bras commercially available to women.

8. Triumph was the first company to show lingerie on the catwalk.

9. The world's first bra was designed to be worn above a woman's corset.

10. The average lifespan of a well-worn bra is just six months.

11. To look amazing and feel comfortable, lingerie must be worn in the correct size - too large is as bad as too small! The average woman wears six different bra sizes over her lifetime; 80 per cent women wear the wrong-sized bra!

12. Women tend to have their preference for type of underwear they choose. According to a survey, 37 per cent women prefer bikini panties, 23 per cent like to wear granny panties or full briefs, 19 per cent prefer G-strings and 10 per cent like another style. 7 per cent prefer to wear no underwear at all!

13. Somewhat surprisingly, the three most-preferred lingerie colours by women are lilac, blue and purple. White, however, remains, the highest-selling colour in the world. According to a survey, redheads prefer green lingerie.

14. China, currently, has the honour of being the world's fastest-growing lingerie marketplace.


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