Love, Lingerie and Marriage

Love, Lingerie and Marriage

You’ve said the “I do’s”, got the ring, had the first dance, first night (wink wink) and honeymoon. Now you’re arriving back into breezy Blighty with your newlywed wearing flip flops and a sombrero wondering where does it go from here?

Fear not. You may have said a fond farewell to the good old dating days, but your marital love life can be just as thrilling. Living with your partner every day, it is easy to become comfortable, maybe too comfortable. Yes, I applaud the couples who are so relaxed with each other that they let it all hang out for their beloved, but a little imagination makes sure that doesn’t become the be all and end all of your relationship.

That’s where lingerie comes in. The stringy bit of “tease me now” that can have so much of an effect over our spouses. I’m not saying that your love life and marital success all hangs on a bra strap – but I am saying that it can definitely spice up marital life. Love, Lingerie and Marriage? Here’s how…

Love lingerie and marriage - lovely couple

Daily Dainties

Imagine pulling out of your drawer a lovely twin set bra and panties, something feminine and fanciful. You pop them on seductively whilst getting dressed in front of your spouse who is trying not to watch, but just can’t help it. You shimmy into your work clothes over the top and go downstairs to begin your day – partner left wanting. Now instead, imagine opening that drawer and pulling out your comfy pants, slightly over worn and discoloured. You find a bra – it doesn’t match but that doesn’t matter – any bra will do. You chuck your clothes on, and go downstairs ready for work. Which one of the two scenarios do you think your other half would prefer? Which would lead to some fun in the bedroom later on?

Injecting a smidgen of spice into the day-to-day just shows that you still care about yourself, and your relationship. It is actually great fun – by making an effort with your lingerie, you are the one in a position of power, you are left holding all the sex-strings. So why not dangle them a little longer and start your day as you mean to go on.

Love, Lingerie and Marriage - Night Time Naughties

Night Time Naughties

This leads me onto my next mischievous musing – why not have a little fun after hours too? There are so many ways to enjoy a bit of flirting with your now life partner, and lingerie can play a massive part. From going out to dinner or a party, to the all-out lascivious lustings between the sheets, lingerie can take dull to daring, and routine to ravishing. If you’re heading out for a date night with your other half, why not catch their eye with a corset, teddy or even a bodystocking under your clothes and prolong the tease for the evening? Sexual tension can be so much fun when you’re the one doing the tightening.

And then there’s bed time. Going to bed doesn’t have to be all flannelette pyjamas and eye masks. Why not pop on a gown or negligee and have a little fun? Even more, put that eye mask to better use and fling on the fantasy wear for you and your partner to truly enjoy together.

Love Lingerie and Marriage - Just for you

Just for You

If all this isn’t enough then think of lingerie as a gift for you. There is nothing more sexy than a woman who feels confident in her own skin, and lingerie can play a massive part in lifting your spirits, as well as your bosom. It doesn’t have to be all for show, sometimes, it’s just for you. And that’s how any good relationship needs to be, a heap of sharing with a dash of ‘me’ on the side.


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