Rave Trends that Are Rocking 2018

Having fun out of festival is not enough. You need to keep it going with the latest rave fashion. How you look outside reflects how prepared are you for parties this year. With all new fashion trends coming and going like ebb and flow, you may be confused what to choose for your next rave.

To help you out, we have made a list of hottest trends that are dominating rave this year.


Sequins and sparkles are not just limited to parties and celebrations. This sparky trend is the new talk of the rave, so you can grab every sequined skirt, shirt, dress, and shoe for your next rave. Stock up these flashy items to make everyone turn head to your next party.

Light up clothes

Light up clothes are evergreen fashion trends that dominate rave every year. The best thing is that you have multiple optic items to choose from for rave, like fiber optic hoodie, halter top, sun dresses, illuminated tie, waistcoat front, optic jackets, skirts, scarf and even men’s suits.


Yes, you heard it right! Plastic is dominating the rave trends, and everything from plastic earrings to coats is trending. Fashion has never been so transparent as it is now. So, collect everything from plastic bags, boots, and tops to follow the fast-changing fashion industry. Plastic clothing is definitely one thing to look for this year.


Mesh clothing never fails to look sexy and extra appealing. This year mesh has made a comeback and rocking rave fashion trends. The sheerness of mesh gives you an edgy look, and its versatility enables you to form layered pieces under and over it. With different details, like sequins, stripes, and embroidery; mesh takes a new form. You can find it in a variety of cuttings and styles, so it is time to pick some new meshy items.


Fringes have again made a comeback this year and added plenty of movement to rave outfits. Fringed pieces look elegant to look at. They give an excellent opportunity for stunning pics and memorable festivals.


All that glitters is not gold they say, however, glitter is essentially a rave element, and they are back this year. Fun and easy to apply, they are perfect to pop up your rave outfit. It means it is time to shine and sparkle in all your pics.

With so many trending options, it is time to clad up in your trendiest rave outfit this year.


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